Friday, November 9, 2007

What's next??

What Were We Thinking!?!?!

Fashion these past years hasn't been constant at all. From distressed jeans to Boho, everything has changed, maybe not for the better!

Starting in the 2000's- it was all about the dark stonewashed denim, corduroy, baby t's, and flared legs for girls.

In between 2001- 2003 women's jeans with no pockets became popular, which definitely shouldn't have happened. Ugh! Not only does this just look bad in general, but it makes your hind end look way bigger than what you'd want it to. This is definitely a fashion no-no!

In 2004, the distressed denim rolled around. Boho became utterly popular and phenomenally peaked in '04. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen had a lot to do with this change.

Light colored denim became popular again in 2005, though darker denim was still lingering.

2006- Cross hatched stitching found it's way to the surface of fashion. While boot-cut jeans have become popular among women, flared jeans have began to leave the premises.

2007- Skinny jeans are quickly beginning to take over the floor, as all the other trends slide out of the spotlight. These jeans are mainly found in dark washes, which not only is a great color on anyone, but makes you look more slimming as well. Most jeans are still low-rise, but high-waisted jeans are beginning to make their second and hopefully dominant debut.

Since all of the known jeans have been named, I wonder what will be popular in '08. Do you have any idea? I guess we will just have to wait and see.


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Elegant Heiress said...

I completely agree with you on the fact that some fashion styles should not have happened! Some of it is just plain tacky and looks extremely bad.
I think you're doing a great job and giving the latest fashion updates and giving people advice on what they need to do! ;)

Vicki A. Davis said...

I want to know what to buy for my daughter for Christmaas!!! What should I get? I love the skinny jeans, they do look so much better. I don't know anyone that looks good with the low low bluejeans.