Monday, November 26, 2007

Look here she comes!

Dress for Success

Want some attention? Dress appropriately and look good doing it! Wherever you go, always dress for the event. For example, if your going somewhere casual, don't go dressed in a cocktail dress. You can dress something formal down and make it casual, but make sure you do this without making it tacky. Everyone loves a little bit of attention, but you don't want to get attention for the wrong reasons. Don't be the odd- man- out. If you dress the part and look good doing it, don't worry, you'll grab some attention.

For example, if your going to a sports event, give the team your going to see a little support! Now I'm definitely not saying, deck it out
in your team's colors. But if you want to look cute and composed but want to show who you support, here are a few ideas. I'm going to use an example of a team so I can use the colors. I love the Georgia Bulldogs so I'll use them.

1. Go for the babydoll dress - a black simple above the knee dress that's not too short and some red jewelry would look wondrous. You could even add some red heels, and red hair accessories.

2. Straight jeans and jersey- If you really want to show some support, wear some straight/skinny jeans and a team jersey! Jeans work well with anything so you'd definitely be able to wear them here.

If your going to a party, you'd wear something more formal, maybe a cocktail dress, or a nice outfit.
A color that you can always wear is black. Black will work for anyone. Make sure the dress you get doesn't look to slinky though. You would never want to show up looking as if you were dressed in a little piece of lingerie. Something classy and elegant will always work, especially in black. When you do go to a party in something like this, be careful with your jewelry. A simple diamond bracelet and earrings would do. You don't
want to be over the top.

Another place you go that many people are limited in ways to dress is your work place. No matter where you work, you can always look cute. Even if your a janitor you can pull it off, with these simple tips.

1. Layer- Layering clothes give you definition, especially something short over something long.

2. Play with colors- Mix and match different colors together.

3. Accessorize!- Pair some jewelry with your outfit! Nothing could go wrong here.

4. Dont over do it: For example, if your using bright colors, do like bright shoes with a black dress. You don't want to be the neon object in the center of the floor.

5. Work the hair: Take an extra minute on your hair in the mornings. There are more ways to do it than taking 15 minutes with a flat iron out of your already busy morning. Slick that baby back into a ponytail. Place it close to the middle of the back of your head. Or if you have short hair, work some curling gel through it and give it some volume. When I don't have much time in the morning, or really just don't want to straighten it, I curl it! Simple as that.

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