Monday, December 17, 2007

The Other Side- Are They Any Better?

Republican candidates

You've already seen the Democrats and their sense of style, so now you get the other political party: the Republicans. Rudy Giuliani is rackin' up on the the polls while Mike Huckabee is right behind him.

Mr. I- Can't-Make- Up- My- Mind

Here is Giuliani. This man sure likes striped ties. What is it with him? Every time you turn around he has a different striped tie on. It'd be different if it was a different tie and design, and I know that some are similar and everything but it's not like that. It's just that every tie is striped, they're practically the same but with different colors. Then there's his hair, oh boy oh boy. He just can't make up his mind on how he wants to have his hair done. Sometimes his hair is brown, sometimes it's gray. Sometimes he has a pretty good bit of hair, but sometimes it looks like there's barely anything there. Oh, but wait! These are only two examples of his choice difficulties. He also can't make up his mind about abortion. He claims that abortion is bad, but women should be able to choose. Mike Huckabee remarked," This is like saying slavery is bad, but let's practice it." All I can say is, way to go Giuliani. We know exactly what you mean. Um.. NOT!

But anyways... Last but not least, we have Mike Huckabee!

Mike Huckabee is the only candidate that I have seen in VERY casual apparel. He is formal when he needs to be, but you can definitely tell that he gets involved with what he's doing. Huckabee continues to climb the polls, while getting ridiculed along the way. Huckabee, an ordained southern baptist minister, had the toughest position on gay marriages. He continues to hold tight to his beliefs, while defending himself from previous comments he had made. He believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. His casual attire, on the other hand, takes the edge off of the scrutiny that has or could come to him.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Time to Get Pretty!

Beautify Yourself

I found some new beauty products I would totally suggest trying

1. The foundation

This foundation is incredible! It goes on smooth and keeps you from having put your hands on your face, which always helps. It stays on for a very long time and the brush is gentle. It gives you a glow that continues to stay with you while you wear it. I would suggest putting a matte on over it to keep from looking oily. A good one to try is Loreal Stay Matte.

2. The Mascara
This is CoverGirl Volume Exact Mascara. I recently bought it at the neighboring Wal-Mart and have everything but regrets. I absolutely love it! It separates your lashes while making them beautiful and vibrant. Your eyelashes will totally stand out! People ask me if I have fake eyelashes now! Mine are somewhat long anyways but I normally don't get asked that! I can definitely tell the difference with this mascara!

3. Get Hairapy!

Sunsilk! Everyone hates that winter hair! Static kills! I just bought some shampoo from Wal- Mart and decided to give it a try. Well, turns out that it works. I love it! The first night I used it I could immediately tell the difference! Hey, right when I got out of the shower I could tell my hair had changed! I don't have the stuff you put in it after the conditioner, (the one in the middle) but I will probably try it. But, other than that, it's crazy good!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Their clothes say more than they think they do.

Who will it be?

The presidential election is coming up and well, it's definitely going to be interesting. Let's see we have Hillary and Obama for the Democrats, while Giuliani and Huckabee bring up the Republican party.

So we've got Hillary..

She is pretty much predictable. Every time you see her she is in a blazer with a simple pearl necklace around her neck. Can she not spice it up a little? I mean come on. You can wear something a little different every once in a while. Why does a woman have to be a man to get elected? In order to get on the poll, she has to fit in with the men. She dresses professional and never leaves this, like so many of the men do. Do her managers and supervisors tell her that she has to wear this? Obviously there's a reason, but I can only wonder what it is. I mean I respect the whole, "I need to look nice and professional in front of the public" thing, but you don't have to wear the same thing all the time... And for some unknown reason, every time I see her, she looks like she's going to bite someone's head off, but maybe that's her thing, who knows.

And then we've got Barack...

Barack, Barack, what can we say? Well, I've got to hand it to him, atleast he wears pretty ties! :) But on the other hand, it'd be nice to see him in some friendly jeans every now and again, or atleast something a little more casual than a suit. But, what is it with Barack and Hillary? They're like death against each other! Cool it! Everywhere I look I see something that has both of them looking like they're going to kill each other! What's up with that! If we're looking for world peace, they're really setting a good example.

Which leads me to my next point, not too long ago Hillary put the smack down on Obama. They were asked if they would talk to leaders of rogue nations if they were elected president, and Hillary did NOT like Obama's response. He said that he would, in fact, speak with other leaders during his first year in office, and she said that his comment was, "Irresponsible and naive." She thinks that the president "should only meet with world leaders who are hostile to the U.S. after lower-level diplomatic contacts are conducted." It's good that they are communicating, it shows us what they stand for. But, you could be a little more mature about it. Irresponsible and naive is something I would expect a high schooler to be saying to their parents about a childish fight. Overall though, it will be a tough competition. Each candidate has something different to offer, I guess it just depends on what the voters are looking for.. Who will you choose?

p.s. The Republicans are coming shortly..

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