Friday, July 11, 2008

What if?

Oh, So you're too Busy?

Some people say they don't care about the clothes that they put on their back. "Oh, I have more important things to do than to carry about that."This is something people tend to say, but what they don't realize when they walk out of their house with their lumpy sweater on is that it isn't just a sweater. Even something as minor as the color of the sweater is important. It isn't just a color, it developed after hours of experimentation from designers until it finally reached the hands of those that care more about what kind of soap they put on their hands. My question is, "What if?" As those two simple words travel through your mind, so do tons of other questions concerning the two basic words.

What if fashion never progressed?

Picture this. You're in the stone age. You look down and you're draped in an old skin that is anything but immaculate, from an animal that you can't remember what was. The fur has started to come off and is blacker than soot from the effect of you sleeping on the floor. The holes are growing daily. Everyone would look the same- disgusting. You're now in the 21st century, in the same drab wardrobe. If everyone looked the same there would be so many people being held back, artistically. Some people put their artistic nature into what they wear, but if it never progressed, you wouldn't be able to tell much about anyone. Often you get your first impression by what someone wears, but if everyone's wearing the same thing, you would just walk by people thinking, much of nothing.

What if the greatest designers never lived?

The awe set forth by the iridescent garments would have never come to be. The colors so many of us love would have never existed. Not many people take much time to think about the magic these people put into this world, but it is very prominent. Not to mention the time it takes to design and put together these breath-taking raiments. This also goes back to the previous question. Fashion would have never progressed.

Some think fashion is a waste of time. But if it was a waste of time, we wouldn't be spending this much money on it now would we. This "waste" sets you apart, for example, when you go to a job interview and have the same qualifications as someone else but yet, they dress in a sophisticated tailored pin skirt and white silk button-down blouse, and your attire consists of ripped jeans and a collared shirt. Appearance is the first opinion they develop of you. Therefore, when they see the sophistication of someone else, they automatically think, wow, he/she must be highly educated and well advanced in his/her major. What you wear definitely has an effect on people. Be careful, you never know who's watching, or who you might see.


Kahne Kutie said...

Hey Victoria! What's up? We miss you! What I came on here to tell you was a new line. You've probably heard of it but it's Elizabeth and James. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are the designers and it's real clothes, not just for Walmart. I've seen a lot of celebrities wearing it. It's a really cute line. Some of the pieces are weird, but i really love the Priscilla Dress. You should check it out.

Bye, Joy

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