Monday, December 3, 2007

Their clothes say more than they think they do.

Who will it be?

The presidential election is coming up and well, it's definitely going to be interesting. Let's see we have Hillary and Obama for the Democrats, while Giuliani and Huckabee bring up the Republican party.

So we've got Hillary..

She is pretty much predictable. Every time you see her she is in a blazer with a simple pearl necklace around her neck. Can she not spice it up a little? I mean come on. You can wear something a little different every once in a while. Why does a woman have to be a man to get elected? In order to get on the poll, she has to fit in with the men. She dresses professional and never leaves this, like so many of the men do. Do her managers and supervisors tell her that she has to wear this? Obviously there's a reason, but I can only wonder what it is. I mean I respect the whole, "I need to look nice and professional in front of the public" thing, but you don't have to wear the same thing all the time... And for some unknown reason, every time I see her, she looks like she's going to bite someone's head off, but maybe that's her thing, who knows.

And then we've got Barack...

Barack, Barack, what can we say? Well, I've got to hand it to him, atleast he wears pretty ties! :) But on the other hand, it'd be nice to see him in some friendly jeans every now and again, or atleast something a little more casual than a suit. But, what is it with Barack and Hillary? They're like death against each other! Cool it! Everywhere I look I see something that has both of them looking like they're going to kill each other! What's up with that! If we're looking for world peace, they're really setting a good example.

Which leads me to my next point, not too long ago Hillary put the smack down on Obama. They were asked if they would talk to leaders of rogue nations if they were elected president, and Hillary did NOT like Obama's response. He said that he would, in fact, speak with other leaders during his first year in office, and she said that his comment was, "Irresponsible and naive." She thinks that the president "should only meet with world leaders who are hostile to the U.S. after lower-level diplomatic contacts are conducted." It's good that they are communicating, it shows us what they stand for. But, you could be a little more mature about it. Irresponsible and naive is something I would expect a high schooler to be saying to their parents about a childish fight. Overall though, it will be a tough competition. Each candidate has something different to offer, I guess it just depends on what the voters are looking for.. Who will you choose?

p.s. The Republicans are coming shortly..

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Vicki A. Davis said...

I think you have some insightful thoughts on fashion sense (and politics.) You are telling the readers your thoughts as an honest blogger and I like that. Whether or not a reader agrees with your political views, which you so wisely keep to yourself in this case, they really have to agree with what you're saying.

Jeffrey Slough said...

Unfortunately politics has evolved into a contest of "how many people can we not offend?" and this has translated into fashion "non-statements". Politicians are so concerned about a mis-step that they make very conservative, and, well, let's say it boring fashion choices. I think this is right in line with their campaigns, they are very careful to not say anything that can be construed as offensive by anyone, so much so that many times they excel at saying absolutely nothing. I'm with you, take a step out, wear something daring, show us your willing to take a fashion risk!