Monday, February 4, 2008

Helpful Hints

Hey everyone! I'm back with some simple tips that I think you'll enjoy.

Make- up Tips

With make- up you need to keep it fresh. If you want to accentuate one feature don't go all out on the others.

1.Flawless Face

Want a great foundation? Start with the basics.

a. Start with a good concealer. This will cover your flaws for the next steps. Don't cake it on. Apply little amounts only where needed.

b. Put on your foundation. Make sure you blend well. Blend, blend, blend; especially around your chin, jaw bone, and hair line.

c. Apply a subtle bronzer down the bones of your cheeks. This will give your face definition.

Entrancing eyes

If you enhance your eyes the right way they can turn out to be your best facial feature.

a. Mediums: If you want to play it safe, earthly colors are always your best choice. Personally, coppers and golds are some of my favorites to use. You always put your medium color on first. Cover your lid with this, and slightly go up into the corner, and smudge with your finger in a vertical motion.

b. Darks: Next, put a darker color on the outer corner leading into the center. The darkest part would be on the outside. Blend this into the middle color about halfway on your lid. Also, put this eyeshadow lightly on the bottom lid in the outside corner. This will make your eyes look bigger, which is definitely a good thing.

c. Lights: Now you will use your lightest shadow and shade in your top and bottom lid in the inner corner to give your eyes more dimension. Next, shade the upper part of your lid to blend the dark and medium colors into. Make sure you blend everything well.

d. Next youll use your liner. Depending on what color you use, you don't want to over- do it, especially since you have a good amount of shadow on. Take the liner, and trace your upper lids from the inner corners to the outer corners, or vice versa. White liner is very "in" right now, but when you use this, make sure you use a very limited amount of shadow and mascara that's not black. A plum or brown would be a good alternative.

Lengthy Lashes

I have found the absolute best way to put on mascara! No matter how long your eye lashes are they can look absolutely wonderful with these simple steps:

a. Firstly, apply a very small amount on your top and bottom lashes of each eye. Start at the very inside of the lash and run the wand slowly to the tip to spread your lashes out and give them length.

b. Secondly, wait a few minutes for them to dry. This allows them to stay in place so you can make them darker without them moving next.

c. Once they've dried apply mascara all over your eye lashes, apply a good amount to the tips to make them look longer.

4. Luscious Lips

When putting lip gloss or lipstick on your lips do these simple things for fabulous results:

a. First apply a long- lasting chapstick or lip soother like Carmex.

b. Next apply the color of your choice all over your lips.

c. Lastly apply a gloss to give your lips shine, add a little more to the center of your bottom lip to make your mouth look fuller.

Now strut your stuff chica! You've got it goin' on!

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